Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fairtax: America's Only Choice

FairTax is a proposal in the United States of America to impose a national sales tax and end the following federal taxes: personal income taxes, payroll taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, self-employment taxes, gift taxes and inheritance taxes. The FairTax plan will pay to all citizens a monthly entitlement equal to the average sales tax paid on necessities by similar individuals and allow for workers to receive 100% of their paycheck.

1. The History of Our Income Tax
“Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana
The cost of Fighting a war can be high,the government is usually obligated to TAX in order to fund a war. In 1812, The United states went to war with England,This is where the Government initiated the first sales and income taxes (taxes on alcohol, sugar , tobacco etc.) The first attempt at an income tax came about to raise funds for the Civil War. in 1861 a bill was passed assessing 3% income tax. And when the war was over, they did away with the taxes, Once again. In 1894, congress presented a 2% tax on any one making over $4,000. A few years later the bill was deemed “unconstitutional” and disappeared once again. When the income tax was initiated, on ly 1 half of 1% actually paid this tax. And once again, America Went to war, and taxes reappeared once again.

2. ..Then Came Withholding How much DOES the government keep,do you know? Do they Know?
Politians love with holding because it allows then to grab “their” share of your earnings before you even see a paycheck. The 16th Amendment ratification was the first income tax law. In 1913, law established the income tax allowing the federal government to WITHOLD taxes’ from workers’ paychecks. Withholding is most clearly defined as: A tax on income that is levied at the source, thus diverted to the government before the recipient of the income ever sees it. It is an income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer

3. The Myth of Corporate Taxes “There is only one entity in this country that actually pays taxes, and that entity is YOU!”
A Corporate tax refers to the tax paid by corporations or Businesses on the incomes they earn. When it comes right down to it, Corporations and business’s NEVER have paid taxes. Businesses and corporations merely collect the taxes from the individuals and pass them on to the government. Taxes are paid from wages, and only the individual persons EARN wages. Only individuals create wealth, only individuals retain wealth. The corporate tax rate in the United states is the 3rd highest in the industrial world.

4. Our Current Tax Code: The Cost of Compliance “Don’t you just love the money you spend every year paying someone to help you pay the government”
Definition :The cost of Compliance is the money the government keeps that other would be refunded to the tax payers which includes: the time and money spent on record keeping and accountants, the billions of dollars spend in ‘tax planning’,the tax seminars,tax record keeping, preparation of taxes and the filling of forms and returns.
The costs of our current system of taxation goes far beyond the actual taxes that we “pay” The trouble you go through every year is an estimated 27 hours. 27 hours of shifting through old recipts, check stubs and other documents,this im sure you can concur can get alittle tedious. So we do what all Americans in the same situation does, just pass off the responsibility to and accountant , CPA or tax preparation. In this case, taxpayers have decided that the cost of claiming the tax deductions is not worth the trouble,and in most cases just file a tax return with no deductions. This therefore initiates a sequence of events sending millions of hard-earned dollars(WHICH aren’t really owed) to the federal government anyway. Fact: Most taxpayers who COULD claim the coveted home mortgage interest deduction choose not to just to save an hour or two. 52.8% of tax compliance costs are paid by businesses,leaving rough 44% to be paid by US the individual. Tax payers spend all their money on tax return preparation andin most cases they are filled incorrectly. The money spent by businesses and investors calculating the tax implications of their business decisions is Compliance. They spend time making tax decisions when they should be making economic decisions. Almost $500 BILLION! With the FairTax, your compliances cost drop to absolutely NOTHING. You can earn your money and keep it to invest, not tedious bookkeeping and accountants.

5. The Embedded Costs of Our Tax Codes “Just how much of our money actually ends up in the federal governments pockets?” [22%] Represents embedded taxes
When you buy any product or using any service you the consumer are paying a portion of all the bills, including tax bills and every person, business or entity that had anything to do with it. The cost gets passed down the line from say a seed grower,to a farmer to the super market and to finally YOU. Every single business or corporation is paying taxes. That means when you buy anything you’re paying a portion of those taxes all the way down the line. All of these elements make up a part of the cost of the consumer goods we buy from thee corporations,and they are all eventually paid by the consumer. Before you even get your pay check the government has already taken out income tax,social security and Medicare. And your still not done paying! If FairTax is enacted the tax burdens of the corporations will disappear and would immediately see a 22% increase in profit margins. And the comsumer would be recieveing 100% of his/her check,stimulating economic prosperity and spending and investments. Prices of goods and services will drop dramatically and thus competition for business begins to thrive and stimulate our economy. Prices would fall 20%. You also receive a check every month equal to the amount of sales tax you would spend on basic necessities for that month.

6.Bringing American Business Back Home
“American business over sea could be eliminated…for GOOD!?”
The effect on these ‘hidden’ taxes has costed out economy in the form of American jobs being outsourced and moved over seas. Many Businesses have moved their headquarters and production to over seas where they will not be taxed as much as over here. FairTax will fire up particular incentive to move American based corporations back home. The taxes on capital and labor would be eliminated. The only way for any global business to compete with us would be to move their headquarters over here, Thus stimulating the economy, creating jobs and increasing stock values. There would be no reason to shirt American companies over seas,more jobs more revenue for America giving US the advantage.

7. The Birth of the FairTax “Well, Why don’t you Do something about it?”
The American for Fair Taxation a corporation that argued for the Fairtax saying it would raise the same amount of revenue for the government as the current taxes but would be less intrusive and fusterating.

8. The FairTax Explained “The FairTax abolished all taxes on income..”
You have all seen the prices America’s economy has paid in compoliance with our current tax system: driving tax price up to 22%,driving jobs and businesses that could create revenue for America overseas and putting strains on the low and middle class families of america.
The FairTax Act of 2005
When the FairTax is enacted(hypothetically speaking of course) it will repeal the following:
Individual Income Tax Miniumum Tax Corporate and Business Taxes Capital Gains Taxes Social security tax Medicare Taxes Self-emplyment Taxes And those are just to name a few. All of those taxes will be replaced with a single simple Sales tax,paid Upfront on goods and services. And replaces it with 23% Consumption tax. The FairTax is Neutral taking no sides or being biased in any way. Prices of everything from doctors to tooth paste with Decreas exponentially.The FairTax would also treat all government purchases as taxable purchases! It relieves the tax burden on lower and middle class families allowing them to save and invest their money Prebate-an Advanced Rebate that the government will send every family that covers the projected sales taxes that covers the basic necessities.

9. The FairTax Prebate: The Key to Fairness “..Paying for the basic necessities without any taxation..at ALL!”
The initiation of the fairTax would virtually replace all personal and corporate taxes with a single Consumption tax, which would bring a period of transformation and economic growth to America, one in which we have NEVER seen before. Since there is NO taxes consumers will be paying virtually 20% less on everything they buy including food and shelter. Condensing the complicated Tax forms into One simple filing report with the government.

10.Underground and Offshore Economy…Taxed at last!
A survey in 2000 estimated that a reported $355 Billion dollars was lost that year in tax revenue. How you say? “Underground economy” or illegal activites such as: Drug sales,prositution and black market sales. Well , The government isn’t going to let $355B slip through their fingers now are they? No where does the responsibility of making up that ‘lost’ money come from, You GUESSED it, US the consumers. A reported $2,000 extra is what a single person pays to make up for these losses.
¾ of all $100 bills circulate outside of the United States,however since US money is back up by Backnotes and bonds as long as that money is in circulation the federal government does not have to pay for it That saves us roughly $32.8B in intrest Alone. All Americans Lie and cheat to get to the Top, this is true about paying taxes also, a reported $1,5 TRILLION was reported as “undeclared earnings” Under the FairTax plan, Criminals wil pay their taxes every time they spend money anywhere(food,clothing,houses) This would Inject even More money back into our economy. Also $11 trillion dollars are stored offshore when they could be gaining intrest here in America, if this plan is enacted we get that back too! If we eliminated all taxes on capital and labor, as the FairTaxdoes, the United States would become the world’s tax haven. We have the most stable economy,the most liquid and trusted markets, and the highest rates of labor productivity in the World. And Trillions of dollars would come from foreign markets trying to get a piece of it.

11.So we’ve Done It. What happens to our Economy? “When we all start getting 100% of our earned income in our paychecks--and figure out that we’re not being taxed..we’ll start saving and investing instead of spending every dollar!”
In 2003, $ 203 Billion was spent on IRS fillings alone, Money that could have been put to much better use under the FairTax plan. Economist estimate that in the first year alone our economy will grow 10.5% and exports will increase 26%! Capital Spending will increase 70%, our interest rates are supposed to decline as much as 30%! While the American worker is collecting 100% of their paychecks. The $400B to $500B we spend Compling with the IRS would be Additional money in our pockets.It would create jobs,increased profit margins and stock prices, new businesses. If our corporations werer the only NO embedded tax companies in out pricing system, NO one could even come close to competing with us. To remain competitive Foreign corporations will have to build plants and businesses here in America and soon enough enact a Fairtax of their own.
Overview of FairTax Collection of 100% of our pay checks We all get virtual Raises, since payroll taxes no longer apply. We will start receiving month Prebates equal to the amount of Consumption tax we would pay. Saving and investing will Sky rocket The prices of goods and services with remain virtually the same Rich Americans will bring their money back from off shore accounts and put it back into our economy. With lower intrest rates, higher saving rates and more disposible spending,it is clear that both home sellers and home buyers will benefit from this.
Chapters 12-16 Overview and Facts Since 1986, supposingly since our tax code was ‘simplified’ has been changed over 10,000 times..simple huh? The fairTax would cause no damage to retailers but increase profit margins! Medicare estimates by 2020 they will be bankrupt Social security will disappear by 2045 The Fair Tax would Double the size of our Economy in the first 15 years. By Steven Trager